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Hurdman Communications, Inc., Computer Software Publishers & Developers, Centerville, UT

Business Hosting

At Hurdman Communications we focus on providing full service hosting, not just an account. That means that you actually hire us to be your webmaster the same as if you'd hire a full time person, except you don't have to worry about all the employee hassles. We pride ourselves in providing solutions that are cost effective and personalized. We work with over 100 Better Business Bureaus and provide them with data driven, full service web packages and highly developed inter office database programs over the web.

We also want to help you get your website up and running as quickly as possible. In order to do so, we'll work with you in choosing a design, adding the content and images, and purchasing and configuring your web address. All this is part of our package. You may then choose a package of personal monthly service to allow us to help you keep your site fresh and dynamic. Some of the things that are included with your package are:

Services Included (just in case you want to know)

Hosting on Stable Linux Server
No Over Bandwidth or Traffic Charges
Apache Web Server with PHP4
Secure Shell Access (SSH)
Traditional FTP Service
CGI-BIN Support
Unlimited MySQL Databases
Unlimited Email Addresses
Your own Crontab
Nightly Data Backups
Perl, Python, Etc.
Unlimited Domains and Subdomains Hosting
Unlimited Disk Storage
DNS Service
Realtime Access Logs

Personal 1-on-1 Support, Design, Programming, and Service*

Web Page Setup
Choose your setup option and then choose your monthly support package below.

Normal Web Site

One Time Fee

Normal Setup includes 6 hours of support working directly with your contact at our company either by support tickets, email, or phone, designing your site. This package allows you to choose from 100's of templates which we have available to start your site design, which you can then adjust and add to until you have the site you want. You direct where this time is spent on your site (design, content, images, programming, database, etc.). We'll let you know if you suggest items that may take us beyond the 6 included hours, but a normal site can all be developed in this amount of time or less. Then choose your ongoing support plan below for monthly support.

Advanced Web Site

Custom Pricing

If your site requires more than just several hours to setup, or if you are needing a lot more custom help in setting up advanced items such as databases that interact with your clients or store information, a custom designed site, or anything like that, let us give you a call, we'll go over your needs and provide a quote for what you need.

Monthly Ongoing Support Plans
(hosting is included free when choosing one of the following support plans)
Hours are on a retainer basis, and can not be rolled over each month.

Entry Level Plan

Per Month
1/2 hour service and support per month
This should cover all the basic needs, email configuration, URL support, basic text changes, and image uploads needed by a company just getting on the web.

Additional 1-on-1 Service
Per Service Hour

Business Plan

Per Month
2 hours service per month
This should cover all the needs in the basic plan, plus would allow for more image manipulation, small programs such as passwords or adjustable text, mouseovers, etc. needed by companies that are starting to really use the web and have a fresh and dynamic site..

Additional 1-on-1 Service
Per Service Hour

Professional Plan

Per Month
4 hours service per month
This should cover all the needs in the business plan, plus would allow time for database creation and maintenance and larger programming creation and adjustments for companies that want their websites to be a major part of their overall strategy in their company.

Additional 1-on-1 Service
Per Service Hour

*If you pay yearly, you can spread the included hours out however you would like.

Specialized Packages for Better Business Bureau Offices

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