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Hurdman Communications, Inc., Computer Software Publishers & Developers, Centerville, UT

Interactive Voice Response Systems (IVRS)

At Hurdman Communications we designed and support hundreds of telephone lines processing millions of calls for companies all over the United States and Canada. Most of these IVRS are for Better Business Bureaus that allow for real-time calls for company reports. Consumers may call and listen to a text-to-speech report of any company that has a listing in a particular area.

The IVR software will run on a computer in your office and will offer as many phone lines as you desire. In the above representation of the software you will notice 8 phone lines ready and waiting to be called.

This is the IVR system in action. First, notice the yellow areas. When viewed on the computer in your office you will see where the caller is currently in the menu system and how long they have been on the system.

On the right side of the screen the stats tab has been selected, showing a typical BBB statistics screen. Notice on this picture that 15 complaints have been logged, 3 inquiries, with a total of 63 calls taking 5514 seconds. It even tracks how many seconds all 8 lines were busy in the All Busy section (currently 42 seconds). All areas of the IVRS are customizable to your company.

This system will add a professional voice to your phone as well as eliminating the need for extra phone personnel thus saving you thousands of dollars every year. It also saves time that can be spent on more important functions while still allowing important customers to get through to a live operator. Don't waste any more time and money, call Hurdman Communications today at (801) 292-7673.