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Hurdman Communications, Inc., Computer Software Publishers & Developers, Centerville, UT




Introducing a new way to keep in touch with your members, customers, and associates.

Make Your Plan in .

Click Here for Samples
  1. Decide on the frequency of contact.

  2. Search through the library of retention tools and select from:
    • Postcards (Click on postcards to see samples)
    • Letters
    • Flyers
    • Phone Scripts
    • Build your own

  3. Build your customized flow chart in .


OTTO Executes Your Plan.

Click Here for Samples

  1. Prints and Mails Postcards, Letters, Flyers, Colorized invoices, etc.

  2. E-mails and/or faxes alerts and urgent information.

  3. Organizes retention phone calls.


"I noticed one day when I was going through my office mail that what I tended to read was the "easy" stuff, the "quick" stuff... I picked up the postcards and I also noticed that I picked up the "pretty" stuff... the colorful stuff. So I combined saving money (postcards over letters) and getting our message across quickly, usually right to our target group. My overall objective is to keep retention high with interesting, exciting information. To me, letters are boring, even our invoices are colorful and ALWAYS include pertinent business information, and as results point out, our customers are renewing their memberships!"

Sharane A. Gott
President and CEO,
BBB Lafayette, LA

We Print, Stuff & Mail

(over 2,750,000 pieces processed)

Mail Room
YOU CONTROL What, Where and When

"If I could have dreamed of a perfect system, it would have fallen short of what eBINDr and OTTO can do. It's absolutely incredible."

Steve Bernas
VP Operations
BBB Chicago