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Hurdman Communications, Inc., Computer Software Publishers & Developers, Centerville, UT


TicketTRACKr is the preffered method for submitting requests as an alternative to email and phone. This allows us to better keep track of your requests, and also provides a means for you to view the current status of your ticket at any time.

Click here to access TicketTRACKr.

Technical Support

Please check our support document below. If none of them fit your needs please submit a trouble ticket using TicketTRACKr or give us a call at (801) 292-7673.

If you have an emergency, you may either file a system down ticket (which will alert several key staff) or call us at 801-292-7673 and choose 'emergency' to be directed to our emergency contact.

Support Documents

eBINDr Optimal Settings
Configuring WS_FTP
Downloading Web Stats
Manually Uploading Web Data
Pictures of Hurdman Computers
Restarting PC Anywhere
Temporarily Deleting a Company's Web Report
Adding Sponsors to the IVR
Working with Telematch Leads