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Hurdman Communications, Inc., Computer Software Publishers & Developers, Centerville, UT

Frequently Asked Questions About Adding Sponsors to the IVR

  1. What do "hits", "played", and "play" mean?
    • Hits - how many times in rotation the sponsor gets hit, normally 1
    • Played - this is always set to 0 for a new sponsor, the ivr then will keep a running total of how many hits the sponsor got
    • Play - The ivr uses this field to see how many more times the sponsor will play in this rotation before moving to the next sponsor. Always set this to 0 for a new sponsor.
  2. Is the sponsor number an auto number?
    On the older systems it is. If you are running VRS2000 then you set your own sponsor number. It must be a 3 digit numeric number as you will use this number to record the sponsor voice file.
  3. How do I record the sponsors after setting them up in the database?
    Call into the ivr, press 8 for maintenance, then the passcode, then it normally is option 8. Follow the voice prompts, it will ask for the 3 digit sponsor number, then it will say to record press 1, to listen to press 2, to delete press 3, to enter a differenect sponsor number press 4...
  4. Once the sponsors are recorded, do they start automagically?
    Yes, as long as they are in the database as well.