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Hurdman Communications, Inc., Computer Software Publishers & Developers, Centerville, UT

Configuring WS_FTP

You can purchase WS_FTP on the web at www.wsftp.com. The cost is $39.95. Please use their online documentation to install the program.

These instructions must be followed from a computer in your office that has Internet access. Generally that computer is not the IVR computer.

After you install the program open WS_FTP by selecting Start, Programs, WS_FTP (or WS_FTPLE) then WS_FTP (or WS_FTPLE).

You will see a screen similar to the one below.

Notice the site is divided into two sections - Local Site (_A_) and Remote Site (_F_).

Change your current directory to the floppy drive or other location that you want to use as your local destination. (_A_). Do this by double clicking on the drive button (_D_) or by clicking the ChgDir button (_E_) and typing A: in the box that pops up. You may move around folder by using the up arrow (_B_), or by double clicking folders (_C_). When you are ready to set up your connection click Connect (_G_). It will bring up a window similar to that below.

Fill in the boxes with your bureau information. If you do not know what that is you MUST call Hurdman Communications to receive it. We cannot give that information out on the Internet for obvious reasons. The Profile Name (_A_) can be whatever you would like it to be. We must give you the Host Name/Address (_B_). The Host Type (_C_) is UNIX (standard). We must give you the User ID (_D_) and you Password (_E_).

When you finish filling in this information click Startup (_F_).

Note: This is only for the first time setup of a profile. After the first time when you select the Profile Name (_A_) everything will be selected for you including the Startup information so all you will have to do after selecting the Profile Name (_A_) is click Ok (_G_).

On the Startup Tab change the Initial Remote Site Folder (_A_) to home/your bureau code (replacing your bureau code with the code you received from us). Then change the Initial Local Folder (_B_) to A:\ or other folder that you wish to start on. Finish connecting by clicking OK (_C_)

WS_FTP will connect to the remote site and you will have a window similar to that below.

Wow! There's a lot of things here. Again notice the different parts to this window. The Local System is on the left (_A_) vrs. the Remote Site on the right (_C_). Also notice that on both sides there may be files and folders (_E_).

Moving around the windows can be accomplished using many different methods. You may move up one folder by clicking the Up Arrows (_F_). You may open folders by double clicking them (_E_). And you may change drives on the Local side by double clicking the drive letter (_G_) or by clicking the ChgDir button (_H_) and typing in the drive letter.

To transfer files you will first need to find the files that you want to transfer (_E_), make sure that the type of file is selected at the bottom (_K_). Almost all files will upload correctly using Binary. You can then move them to and from the Remote Site (_C_) using the arrow buttons in the center (_I_). The arrows should be self explanatory. If you clicked on wfile-1.log and clicked the arrow button <-- (_I_) that file would be transfered to your Local System (_A & E_).

That's it for setting up WS_FTP. Next you may either learn how to Manually Download Web Stats or Manually Upload Web Data