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Hurdman Communications, Inc., Computer Software Publishers & Developers, Centerville, UT

Manually Uploading Web Data

Zip files are used daily to create web reports. If you don't have a Hurdman Windows based IVR system then you'll need to upload these files manually. Although it is not a requirement, we recommend uploading your files on a daily basis.

These instructions assume that you have already setup your FTP client to connect to the server. We recommend and provide instructions for the program called WS_FTP. For instructions on how to setup WS_FTP see Configuring WS_FTP.

These instructions must be followed from a computer in your office that has Internet access. Generally that computer is not the IVR computer.

Open WS_FTP by selecting Start, Programs, WS_FTP (or WS_FTPLE) then WS_FTP (or WS_FTPLE). (WS_FTP must already be configured)

You will see a screen similar to the one below.

Notice the program is divided into two sections - Local System (_A_) and Remote Site (_F_).

Click Connect (_G_). That will bring up the Sessions Properties box below.

Choose Hurdman from the profile name(_A_)(this has already been set up, see Configuring WS_FTP). All the boxes should be filled in with your connection information that you received from Hurdman Communications. When you have verified that all the information is correct click OK (_G_).

WS_FTP will connect to the remote site and you will have a window similar to that below.

Notice the different parts to this window. The Local System on the left (_A_) vrs. the Remote Site on the right (_C_). The Local System (_A_) should be pointing to the A: drive (_B_) or other folder that has the zip files you need to upload. The Remote Site (_C_) should be pointing the data directory (_E_) under your bureau (_D_). If either of these locations (_A_&_C_) are pointing to other locations please locate these folders using the skills taught in Configuring WS_FTP.

Once you have verified that both sides are in the correct folder you will now attempt to upload the zip files. To do this click on the first zip file to be uploaded (_G_) and then while holding the Shift key (on your keyboard) down click the last zip file to be uploaded (_H_). This will select all the files that you need to upload to our server. Alternatively, you may also use the <CTRL> (control) key and click each file.

When all the files are selected all you need to do is click on the arrow button (_I_) pointing to the Remote Site (_C_). You may see a window similar to that below as it uploads all the files that you have selected. Wait for this to finish.

You are now done uploading the zip files. You should see them listed on the Remote Site (_C_). If you do not see them something has gone wrong. Please make sure that you have followed every step in this tuturial and those in Configuring WS_FTP.

You may now close WS_FTP by either clicking the Close button (_J_) if you want to connect to another location, or by clicking the Exit button (_K_) if you are done using WS_FTP.