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Hurdman Communications, Inc., Computer Software Publishers & Developers, Centerville, UT

Restarting pcAnywhere

Sometimes pcAnywhere will stop responding and the program must be restarted. To restart pcAnywhere, follow the instructions below. There are several versions available, so your system may vary slightly.

  1. Depending on what version you have, there will either be a button on the task bar labeled "pcAnywhere" or there will be a small icon in the system tray (next to the time in the bottom right hand corner of your screen). Double-click that icon to open the pcAnywhere window.
  2. Click the Cancel button.
  3. Click the Start button and select Programs, Symantec pcAnywhere.
  4. The pcAnywhere program will open.
  5. Click the Be A Host PC button.
  6. There are two ways we might connect to your system. We may dial it via the phone or we may use the Internet if you have a high speed connection. If we use the phone, or if you are unsure, double-click the Modem icon. If we use the Internet, double-click the Network icon.